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Piraharan Raaj Plus Oil

Formulated with potent and natural Ayurvedic herbs such as Rasna, Nishinda and Ashwaghanda, Piraharan Raaj Plus oil is an all-natural pain relief solution. It works equally well for muscle or joint pains and stimulates self-healing at the cell level. An Ayurvedic solution that works on the root cause of the problem, to provide long-lasting relief.

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We condense the knowledge & traditions in ancient ayurvedic texts into the very essence of our remedies, and apply our expertise of over 35 years, perfected through tireless work over three generations, so you can lead a healthy and happy life.


    We aim to bring ancient knowledge & culture of ayurveda back to our modern times, through carefully crafted formulations and controlled processes to protect authenticity & quality.


    To bring the benefits to every life through the gifts hidden in our ayurvedic heritage & help create a world that is healthy and happy , mentally & physically.


    All our formulations are manufactured in our GMP and ISO certified facility with no third party involvement. We ensure quality control at every stage of production and packaging.